Very hung master Divino Drills tiny mark in his ass after buying him at auction

Master Divino sits on the edge of the bed, slowly undressing. As he removes his shoes, he feels the eyes of his new property, Boy Mark, gazing at him. Beckoning the boy, he watches Mark crawl across the floor to kneel at his feet. Master Divino continues to disrobe, handing Mark his suit jacket to fold. Stroking the young boy’s face, he firmly places his hand on the back of Mark’s head and pulls him onto the clear outline of his thick cock, bulging through his suit pants. Mark tenderly kisses it, delighted by this physical sign of his desirability. He knows that this is his purpose, to please older men. Happy with his attentions, Master Divino leans down to kiss him, then gently strokes his nipples. They continue to caress, lick, and kiss one another’s bodies, until Master Divino pulls Mark upright, his tight bubble butt flexing in the black jockstrap he wears. “Take off my tie,” he orders Mark, who instantly obeys. Then he is told to remove his master’s shirt, carefully unbuttoning it while Master Divino’s crotch bulges obscenely out of his pants. That’s where Mark’s attention goes next, until the older rman finally rises and pulls his briefs down to let the boy taste the cock he’s desperate for. Holding Mark’s face, Master Divino looks down at him as the boy begs. He lets go, and Mark eagerly starts kissing and sucking the cockhead, slowly working more and more of the massive dick into his mouth and down his throat. Master Divino closes his eyes, appreciating this new boy’s skills. Eventually he wants more, and commands Mark to climb onto the bed and take his position on his hands and knees. Knowing how horny this boy is to be used, Master Divino delays his reward, stroking his body and letting his fingers linger on the most sensitive areas. Seeing the desperate desire in his property’s eyes, Master Divino gives him the slightest nod, and Mark mounts him, positioning the leaking cock right at the entrance to his tight hole. Slowly pushing into the boy, Master Divino can already tell he’s going to have an intense orgasm, quickly flipping Mark onto his side to fuck him deeper. As the sensations well up, he postpones cumming until he has Mark on his hands and knees. Still wearing his jockstrap, Mark is obediently refusing to touch his aching dick as Master Divino slams into him over and over, the orgasm building as his balls tighten until he squirts stream after stream of hot cum in the boy’s hole. That’s enough for Mark to climax, hands free, into his jockstrap, the boy semen leaking out of the thin material. They kiss, both knowing that it was exactly what they were born to do.