Austin is up for auction again and Master Ballard’s thick fat daddy dick is aroused

Austin has been auctioned before, but this time was even more thrilling than his first. He had never expected his own father to appear as a member of the Buyer’s Group. He still wasn’t sure how his old man had discovered what he had been up to all this time. Their first experience in the darkened kennels had transcended anything they had ever done at home alone. It wasn’t just role play to Austin. Being released from the kennel to service his dad—No. His Master. That electrified him in a way none of the other boys could possibly know. He was able to show his new master everything he had been trained to do as property of the Buyer’s Group. The power his own father held over him is a bond only the two of them could understand, but at auction, Master Armstrong has no firm claim to him. His face obscured with a black mask, he circles the boy on the pedestal, displaying him for purchase. Austin’s cock is already hard in his tiny black jockstrap. He’s a good boy, maintaining his posture even as Master Armstrong tweaks his sensitive nipples and shows off the boy’s mouth by inserting a few fingers. He knows just how to touch Austin to make him gasp and moan, all before even touching the boy’s cock. The bidding ramps up as Master Armstrong does just that, squeezing the boy’s package and turning him around to display his tight pucker and spank his tiny ass. For just shy of $1 million, Austin is delivered on his knees to Master Ballard, who instructs the boy to remove his clothing, piece by piece. Austin does so, folding each item carefully before looking to his buyer for his next instruction. Master Ballard’s first act while kissing the boy is to reach around the kneeling boy to tease his little hole with the tip of a large, thick finger. When Austin is instructed to pull down the master’s pants and underwear, he barely has time to admire the heavy cock that comes bouncing free. Austin is ordered to smell Master Ballard’s underwear. He breathes deeply though the fabric and moans from the manly scent that he’s come to learn is different from master to master. Master Ballard settles back against the pillows at the head of the bed, and Austin tries to take the head of Master Ballard’s cock into his mouth. But this is one of the thickest cocks he’s ever seen, almost twice as wide as his wrist. Austin’s jaw aches with the effort it takes to get just halfway down. Master Ballard has other plans though, and begins warming up Austin’s hole with his fingers. Turning the boy around on all fours, Master Ballard presses his giant wedge of thick meat into Austin’s ass. The deeper it goes, the more Austin is convinced he’s going to be split in two. But this is what he’s trained for. Austin pulls his jockstrap to the side to jerk his cock when Master Ballard flips him over. Austin’s ass is stretched to the limit but Master Ballard can see and feel Austin’s ass tightening as he nears orgasm. Austin begs to be pounded and shoots load after load of boy cream all over his chest and tight abs, pushing Master Ballard over the edge. The man shudders and moans, painting Austin’s guts with a massive load that squirts out when the man withdraws his huge cock with an audible pop.