Master Angus paid a lot of money For Jay so he makes sure to get every inch in his ass

Jay waited for me in his cage, patiently touching himself like a horny puppy wanting to be played with. I’d only left him alone for a few hours, but it was clear that absence made the heart grow fonder! He was so well trained, now, that he thought of me fucking him even when I wasn’t around. I couldn’t ask for more from my slave… Once I took him out, his eyes locked on mine, looking for a sign that he was going to get what he wanted most. Normally I wouldn’t allow such wilfulness, but it was clear that what he wanted was exactly what I wanted — to serve me and to be used by me. The thought alone made his big, uncut cock swing hard between his legs. As much as I was getting my needs met, it also gave him the satisfaction of his life! I took off my clothes and watched his mouth water. I had him sit and watch me, knowing that I was his everything. My slow strip tease was the best kind of torture for him. All he wanted was to touch me, taste me, smell me. He worshipped me! Even without cages or collars, he saw me as a perfect man. I got him on all fours before I filled his mouth with my thick daddy dick. My hairy, sweaty balls rested gently beneath his chin as he swallowed me whole. He sucked my cock with the hunger of a boy who hadn’t eaten in days! And while I had fucked him just earlier that morning, he had nothing but time since then to think about how I’d fuck him again… With nothing in his life but my cock and myself, every hour that passed must have seemed like an eternity to him. His desperate need to be filled and bred was palpable! I didn’t want to spoil him, but my own need to breed was nearly as strong. His hole was still slightly lubed from before, giving my cock just the ease it needed to slide inside him. I could see his eyes wince slightly as I made my way into him. Clearly the mix of lube and cum was just barely enough to work my way into him. But the way he furiously stroked his cock, I could tell he wanted it more than the slight feeling of pain required. As I felt his inside split to take me, he began moaning and leaking precum over his thick cock. He was in absolute heaven on the end of my bare cock, happy to once again be filled by his master!