Adorable new slave boy Cole is loving the experience of men wanting his holes

Master Felix made it clear what I was to do. Before I was brought out, I was given a black jockstrap and bow tie. I tried to fidget with it at first, but I could tell it was more than just a decoration. There was a weight to it that was more than what I expected of a simple black tie accessory. It had power to it… Control. It was more of a collar than anything else. And even as I tried to make it fit, I was warned not to mess with it. “You might not like the results.” Stepping out onto the auction block, I was surprised by how many men were around. It hadn’t occurred to me just how active this process would be. But now, seeing the silhouetted figures, I knew more of the situation was out of my control than I’d anticipated. A light shone on me, making myself the only lit object around. It was a little scary, but I couldn’t help but be excited… As the auction began, I could see hands going up. Gestures of power and accomplishment from the men in the audience, each one indicating their prestige to the others. Not just wanting me, but also sending the message that I am important. The idea of being possessed by such a man sent blood to my loins and my cheeks. I could feel myself flush at the thought. The warmth was a welcome reprieve from the chill of my displayed nakedness. I lost track of time as my fate was left to be decided. Master Felix played with my body, teasing my hole and balls, smacking my ass and pinching my nipples. He toyed with my hole like he’d done before, opening me up and showing off my ass. I went deep into a submissive mindset in my head, disconnected from myself and the world around me, all while my cock was hard and the men placed their bids. Before I knew it, I was aroused, sore, and sold! The man who bought me was still unknown to me. As he stepped forward, I hoped to learn his name, but all that was exchanged was the passing of a ring. Words were barely exchanged as the transaction concluded, as if both men were fully aware of what was expected and how to proceed. I waited patiently for my instructions, not sure what was left for me to do. He was a handsome man with striking silver hair. He had the look of a CEO or someone with authority. I could picture him easily in a corner office penthouse, striking awe and fear into subordinates with a picture of his family behind him. I was curious about who he was and what world he lived in. But for now, I was just his property. His prize. His slave… He ordered me to take off his pants. His first command. As I unbuckled his belt and dropped them down, my face was within inches of his bulging crotch. A musk of manhood hit me as the scent of his genitals were released from their designer captivity. Instinctively my face moved forward, sniffing and licking his cock and balls. I wanted to know him more. To take him in and worship him. After all, it was my duty! My heart fluttered as his hand moved to the back of my head, guiding me to take his piece in my mouth. I breathed through my nose, inhaling his strong pheromones as my tongue tasted him for the first time. He was exactly as a powerful master should taste; clean, expensive, and manly. Saliva drenched him as I savoured it, taking him deep in my throat. He seemed to like it. His cock grew harder between my lips and his grip seemed to get tighter. I caressed his balls in my hand, feeling the silky hairs that covered it. It was then he let out a moan and whispered, “I’m going to breed you… I own you…” It was then that my cock began to drip in my jock and my hole tightened. I wanted him, and I was happy to be his