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In the world of selling boys, the quality of the product is of utmost importance. And when it comes to fulfilling the satisfaction of our customers, Boy Cole was the very epitome of a quality product. This trim, athletic young man was a constant high seller, and at auction, a simple look at his handsome face was enough to quickly bring in the largest of bids. Master Dixon was a frequent customer; he had tried out more than a few of our boys. He’d never once left with buyer’s remorse, and surely had heard of Boy Cole by this time. He seemed quite pleased with winning him in the auction against all the other high bidders. When he watched Master Charger give him a demonstration of the boy’s hungry hole, he was even more certain of the quality of his purchase. He took the boy up to his room with barely contained eagerness. Once inside the private room, Master Dixon was left amazed at just how sexy the Boy looked in the full display of brighter light. Wearing nothing but a bowtie and a black jockstrap that framed his ass perfectly, Boy Cole was the portrait of beautiful servitude. With such servitude in mind, Boy Cole immediately got to work, crawling over to the suited older man and removing his dress shoes. Master Dixon motioned to the boy to give him a kiss, and his new purchase showed no hesitance leaning in to comply. The Master barely needed to give any verbal commands; hand gestures proved enough to guide the Boy through his duties. Once Master Dixon’s fat cock was loose from his pants, Cole wrapped his mouth around it and swallowed. As well-practiced as this boy was at service, he made the task look easy, even despite the Master’s large size. The older man could feel his meat throb against the back of the Boy’s throat as the servant looked up to him eagerly. After a stellar blowjob, Master Dixon knew he needed to get an up-close and personal look at Boy Cole’s ass. The hairy Master had him get up on the bed and onto all fours. He then pawed at the Boy’s inviting ass, rubbing and kneading it, before diving into it face first. His hunger elicited sultry moans from the Boy as he lubed the hole up with his tongue. Once Master Dixon slid his big meaty cock in, he knew why this product was so popular. Boy Cole’s looks, coupled with his natural obedience, were almost all too good to be true. Yet here he was, very real, very well trained, and very exquisite to break in. Master Dixon could feel himself start to get close, so he had the boy turn over. He wanted to see Boy Cole’s face when he blew. Turning him over revealed that the Boy’s very own large dick was also rock hard. Better than that, though, the Boy began furiously stroking his own cock. He blew his load all over his own belly as his Master pumped in and out of him vigorously. This rare and beautiful sight sent the hot daddy over the edge and he exploded inside Boy Cole, filling him to the brim with cum. In the afterglow, the auction house had yet another satisfied customer.