Master Angus wins Austin and immediately the bear dicks him down

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I felt my heart pounding with excitement. I won! I had the boy in my room… He was all mine to do with as I pleased! My mind raced with fantasies yet to be fulfilled; levels of aggression and sexual deviancy I’d never explored before. And yet, I was surprised at just how different my attitude was when I actually saw Austin walk in. He was just so precious. So small and so slight. We’d already fucked — and fucked hard — but it was like I was seeing him brand new. He wasn’t something I needed to conquer. He was already conquered… And now, my thoughts went to just how beautiful he was! As my prize, I could appreciate him as something I wanted to covet and hold. Someone to protect. To use, yes, but not break. I ordered him to take off my clothes, watching as he dutifully went about the tasks of stripping me down. He was nervous, clearly intimidated by my size and power. As he pulled off my socks, I could feel his hands trembling. I wanted him to respect me and obey me, but not necessarily fear me… “Rub my feet,” I ordered. Giving him the chance to serve me, to make me feel good. And he did! His fingers worked my muscles and joints, making me feel worshipped. I loved how small he was. My hand could almost completely wrap around his thin neck, and there was no doubt my broad arms and shoulders eclipsed him completely. He opened my shirt, running his hands over my hairy chest and feeling the weight of my heavy pecs. His eyes were wide with desire and intrigue. I may have been the biggest man he’d ever been with. There wasn’t really a way to tell, but in my fantasy, I was a giant king and he was my tiny servant. I ordered him to tease my nipples. They’re large and rough from years of play and suckling. His soft digits barely registered on the calloused points, but I wanted him to excite me. I told him to pinch them harder and he did. I could see he was holding back, worried he might hurt me. The idea made me chuckle inside, thinking of the absurdity of the notion, but also pleased with the boy and his concern for my pleasure… Such a good boy! When he pulled off my pants, I ordered him to sniff between my legs at my nuts. I love how my heavy, hairy balls smell. After a workout, I like to run a finger in my jock strap and inhale the scent of a real, rugged man. It turns me on and drives beta males wild. Seeing Austin inhale my scent, I knew he would be a good sex toy for me. Not just obedient, but hungry, too! This was proven right when he began sucking my cock. Austin’s tiny mouth opened wide to take my thick daddy dick. As it went to the back of his throat, I could see his eyes tense up, holding back tears, but never once letting go of his mouth’s grip on my meat. As he serviced me, I felt my desires push beyond my gentle demeanor. I felt my ass lift up as I began to fuck his mouth. He gagged a little, struggling to take my cock. Seeing him try his best only made me harder and fuller in his throat. As I felt him tighten up on me, I knew that fucking him and breeding him would be an even sweeter joy. After all, he was mine. All mine! My tight little boy hole.