Take that dick slave boy and Master Legrand has a big one

Tom is exceptionally loyal. There isn’t anything I ask of him that he even hesitates to do. Even when I put him in his cage, locking him up overnight and sometimes for hours in the day, he doesn’t retreat. He goes where I tell him, when I tell him, trusting in me completely to look out for his well-being. It’s a special relationship, master and slave. As much as I demand of him, it demands of me to protect my investment. When I see his lean little body on all fours, begging to serve me, it reminds me that it’s not a one-way street no matter how it may appear. He takes care of me, I take care of him. When Tom is released from his cage, he’s immediately put to work taking off my clothes. He’s delicate and patient with every button and zipper, careful not to damage my property while in service to me. (I return the favor later when I am sinking my shaft into his tight hole.) Once I’m fully stripped bare, Tom’s eyes are fixed on my loins, seeing my manhood bulge in my underwear. He’s hungry for it, eager to feel it in his hands and to wrap his mouth around its size. I’m in no rush, though. Tom is all mine, and I can enjoy him at my own pace. Tom pulls my cock out, respectfully and reverently, worshiping my member as it is revealed. He loves everything about it and it comes through in the way he kisses and sucks. He loves being submissive to me, making me feel good, putting my wants and needs before his own. It doesn’t take long before I’m hard enough to get what I’m looking for. I turn Tom around, seeing his taught sphincter twitching to be filled. I bring myself in on him, feeling the heat of his flesh against mine before I break through and claim him. I’m very slow to enter him, making sure every inch meets him with care. Even when I intend to fuck my boys rough and hard, I have no intention of breaking them. They mean a lot to me. Not just financially, but personally. A great deal of life’s pleasure comes from fucking a boy who’s mine. Tom’s moans filled the dark room as I pushed further into him. His contorted body shaped to make my penetration easier and more enjoyable. It was certainly not easy for him, but he took it all in stride. And once I picked up my pace and began to fuck him, my cock felt like it was wrapped in warm velvet. My hips rocked back and forth, heavy nuts swinging into Tom’s backside as I brought myself closer to cumming. Tom’s member leaked pre-cum as I mov