Master Legrand fingers and fucks River on the auction block

The first thing that struck me about the boy River was his discipline. He’s handsome and fit, for sure. Well built and compact. But his demeanor and presentation were undeniable. Kneeling on the auction block, River displayed an unflinching dedication to his purpose: being an object and being objectified. As Master Legrand began to work his body, I was amazed by how docile and agreeable he was to all manner of probes and gropes. With his balls tightened and squeezed, he reacted as one would expect, but never asking to stop or running away. His mind was focused on taking it and taking it all. Legrand presented River’s hole, giving us the chance to see it open and exposed. It was a thing of beauty, tight and fresh with just the slightest cover of hair encircling it. It took to the man’s large fingers quite well, showing off his impressive receptivity and durability. Even before it was properly lubed, it submitted to Legrand’s hand, with the only visible struggle on the boy’s face. And even that was exquisite. As the winner of the auction, it was my duty to see him bred, having him claimed and inseminated as part of the transfer of ownership. Knowing the rules of our organization as I do, I knew it was not necessary for me to be the breeder, just as long as he leaves with a fresh load inside. I wanted to fuck him, of course, but something about seeing him so expertly used turned me on far more. Executing my authority on my new property and indulging my fantasy, I told my colleague, Master Legrand, that I wanted to see him take my property while I watched. Legrand was surprised, but not resistant. After all, he well knows what River is capable of, and was more than happy to give me a thorough demonstration of his skills. Sitting back in my chair, I ran a hand over my swelling crotch as I watched River take the tall man’s giant cock out of his pants. And as he took it deep into his mouth, I knew he was worth every penny I spent on him.