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I stayed in the corner, waiting and ready. It was our first day together since I was sold and I wasn’t sure what was needed of me. I watched as Mr. Wolf sat on the edge of his bed, filing through papers, a stern look on his face.

He was clearly someone important. Someone who had a lot of expectations on him. Responsibilities and demands. People depending on him. I know how hard that can be. It was easy for me to give up, but I could tell this was a man who thrived on it. Still, I knew it wasn’t my job to simply admire him. I was to serve him.

Hours went by. He sat and worked the day away. And I sat. Still and obedient. Then I thought: maybe he needs a break. A distraction.

It was risky making such a bold move on my own. But I knew he’d correct me if this wasn’t the case. Hopefully he wouldn’t trigger my decorated collar, but I didn’t like seeing my master so stressed.

Crawling from my corner like a puppy needing attention, I moved my way between his legs. He didn’t look up for his papers at first, but once I began to toy with his zipper, he looked down into my eyes. I could see a friendly smile meeting me. He was amused and pleased. Yes! I was doing what he needed.

The tall man reached his long arm down, feeling my butt. The black bow-tie collar and the black straps of my jock strap were the only thing I was permitted to wear, so he had easy access to my hole. As he should. It’s his now. His hole to play with as he sees fit.

It felt good to have him tease it. His warm hands were a welcome reprieve from the open, cool air. I pulled out his cock, now rock hard and pointing up at my face. I pleased him, and it showed.

Taking him into my mouth, I felt his massive member hit the back of my throat. I settled down an urge to gag at first. An urge that would too often make itself known. I had to work on that. I wanted to be better for him. Though, everytime I did show my not yet quieted gag reflex, it seemed to make him even harder. Perhaps he got off on seeing me struggle.

“Pop that butt for me,” he whispered. I did as he commanded, pushing my ass into his hand and arching my back. With his member in my mouth and his fingers on my hole, I was completely in his control.

I won’t lie. It was very hot. I knew this is what I wanted, but in the moment, living it, experiencing the total submission, nothing was more of a turn on. The jockstrap worked hard to contain my own erection, but as Mr. Wolf’s hands explored more of me, it was an impossible task.

Mr. Wolf pulled his cock out of my mouth and leaned back in bed. The papers he’d so carefully studied were now strewn about the side of the bed like discarded clothes. I was the sole focus of his attention now. It was a heady thing to consider. I was his property and he was now playing with me. It felt good.

I crawled back after him, missing the feeling of his cock in my mouth. It was my purpose now. To please him. To worship him. To make him feel like the king he was. I made my way between his long legs and felt the warm, hard shaft make its home between my lips again.

With a mouth full of my master, I looked up at him again. He had a smirk that was undeniably sexy. He was a man of means and great power, and I was able to make him smile! I felt honored just to have his cock in my mouth, but I wanted to give him everything. He already owned it, but I wanted him to take it.

“That’s a good boy. Take off my pants.”

I obeyed his command, springing up from my position to pull gently on his fine clothes. The rich fabric was unlike anything I’d ever felt. I thought for a moment that I shouldn’t be allowed to handle something so fine, but then I saw the glistening saliva from my mouth drip down his long shaft onto the woolen material. I supposed then that my fingers were no worse.

With his pants off, I could see his balls hanging low. They were heavy, suspended by a long scrotum. I knew what they contained and what was coming. What they held so dear would be inside me once more. And it was everything in the world to me.

“Let’s see if this can’t fit inside you,” Mr. Wolf said playfully, holding up his cock straight in the air. It seemed impossibly large. Even bigger than it was before. He then took off my jock strap, peeling it off my narrow hips, and pulled me forward. Straddling his legs, I felt his massive cock against my butt and knew what I had to do.

Taking it into my hand, I could feel it was still wet from my mouth. I took a breath and placed it up against my hole. Remember my training, I relaxed my ass and slid it inside in one steady motion. Mr. Wolf’s eyes widened with delight, not just from the feeling of my warm insides wrapping around his throbbing cock, but also with the thrill of knowing that I could take him simply and without hesitation.

With that, I felt him grow even larger inside me, stretching out my hole. He nodded and I began to do my duty, rocking back and forth on his bare cock, knowing that my one job now was to make him cum…