Sharing My Boy with Him: The Erotic Power and Intensity of Group Pleasure

One of the many fringe benefits that being a member of the Collective offers is the chance to meet other very wealthy, and often very influential, men in the rarified world of the aristocracy. The number of people who can claim to be among the 0.01% is small, and the number of gay men among that number is even smaller. The number who buy and sell the bodies of exquisite young men is well under a hundred. They are an exclusive fraternity of powerful men with a reason for absolute loyalty that often extends well beyond the activities inside the auction house. I met Master Snow through the Collective and sold Boy Cole to him. We have become very good friends; almost brothers. Except, few brothers share our rather decadent habits. Recently, Master Adam sold Boy Cole to Master Patrick, a recent addition to the Collective. I decided to invite Master Patrick over for dinner to get to know him better, and suggested that he bring Boy Cole as well. I invited Master Adam to join us, since he and Master Patrick are acquainted and, of course, I always enjoy company. It was a pleasant evening and I think we all enjoyed dinner. Afterwards, we settled into my den for an after-dinner whiskey served by The Boys. Perhaps I had miscalculated—Master Patrick was apparently more conservative than I assumed, or maybe he’s just a little too smitten with his newly acquired property to want to share. Whatever the reason, he was completely focused on Boy Cole and when I mentioned the idea of moving things to the bedroom, it was like he didn’t hear me. That was fine; I just want my guests to have a good time. I figured he would come find us if he wanted to. Perhaps as Master Patrick becomes better acquainted with the Collective, he will become more comfortable with the camaraderie that exists between many of its members. Or, perhaps not. He would not be alone in wanting to keep himself apart, but he will miss out in more than a few ways if he does. Adam and I took Boy Serg back to my bedroom. I have owned Boy Serg for several months now. He is truly amazing, even among the remarkable young men sold by the Collective. However, fucking him daily—and sometimes more often—has sated my greedy desire to have him to myself. I was eager to show him off. Master Snow, not having found his next boy yet, was thrilled to have access to one of our boys. Even the best escorts can’t quite measure up to the service of a well trained slave from the Collective. I really don’t have any interest in having a lover and I don’t think Master Snow does, either. However, I enjoy his company very much and I was looking forward to the chance to move our friendship toward a deeper bond of intimacy. Sharing my boy with him was a step in that direction and it was far more satisfying and far more intense than I could have imagined. There’s a feeling of pride and satisfaction watching a man tremble and moan as his hard cock sinks into a tight hole that belongs to me; a delicious feeling of power in being able to order a Boy to give his hole up to any man I choose. There is an equal thrill in being given the privilege of fucking another Master’s Boy, especially since my cock is bigger than most men and one most boys will never forget. There is also nothing quite like the erotic thrill of seeing the expression of ecstacy on another man’s face as he pumps his seed into the well-fucked hole of a Boy that we have shared. Even more so if he’s using my own cum for his lube. When we got to the bedroom, we put Boy Serg on his knees in the middle of the bed and he started sucking Master Snow’s cock. I fingered The Boy’s ass, reached over, put my hand on the back of Master Snow’s neck, and pulled him in for a kiss which he eagerly returned. That was everything I hoped for, but I never imagined where things would go before we were done. I let him fuck my boy first. His cock may not be quite as long as mine but I think the base might be thicker. It was certainly big enough to make Boy Serg yell when it went in. We started out spit-roasting but then Master Snow leaned over The Boy’s back and they started taking turns sucking my cock. I took a turn fucking Boy Serg for a while. Then Master snow asked if I thought we would both fit. I grinned like a Cheshire cat and said we could try. I layed back on the bed with Boy Serg impaled on my cock. He layed back on my chest and pulled his legs back to give Master Snow access. When he shoved his cock into Boy Serg’s already over-stretched hole, I thought the neighbors would hear the boy yell. That sound combined with the indescribable feeling of my friend’s cock sliding against mine in the tightest hole either of us had ever fucked almost made me cum right then, but I held on. We fucked him in several positions, our fat throbbing dicks fucking against each other in my Boy’s hot chute and him yelling the whole time. Of course we would have stopped if we had to but, fortunately, we didn’t need to. When we didn’t think our fuck toy could take much more, Master Snow pulled out and it was finally time blow my load. I pounded The Boy’s ass harder than I’ve ever fucked him, my eyes locked with Master Snow’s as I filled The Boy’s hole up to overflowing. When he was bred hard and deep, I pulled out, turned him around, smiled at Master Snow and said, “Your turn.”