New boy put on display gets barebacked by Master St.Michel

After I had thoroughly tested one of my new boys, Chase, I knew he would yield me some incredible profit. His face, body, and disposition (which was the perfect mix of shy and coy) was everything my clientele love about my merchandise. He was quick to submit and perfectly obedient. I brought him out to the stage and started the bidding at the usual amount. I teased him just a little bit by letting my hands roam over his body. Almost immediately, he trembled. Whatever small fear he may have had at the beginning of the proceedings was entirely gone. The bids instantly increased, keeping pace with his moans. I oiled him up for the men, his body jolting as I rubbed over his sensitive nipples. With the sum of the bids now in six figures, I had the boy bend over and get on all fours on the display table for his potential buyer. I had barely even grazed his hole when I felt his submissive little body jolt again. I let a single digit slide in, he moaned hungrily and the bids jumped even higher. I pulled his stiff cock out from the confines of his little black jockstrap. I grabbed hold of the boy’s sack and oiled it up, giving it some rubs and firm tugs. His cock bounced alive. I drowned it in oil, too, and could feel it throb. I teased it with slaps and tugs between healthy strokes. I got the boy back on his knees. His rigid cock faced the buyers and I groped along his chest. Tweaking his nipples elicited the perfect response for the customers; a pathetic mewl of pleasure. Master St. Michael won the bidding war. I allowed him to come into the room as I left to escort the other buyers out. Master St. Michael explored the boy’s body much like how I’d been doing. He paid close attention to those sensitive nipples and watched closely as Chase’s cock jumped and begged for release. The master took off his coat and faced the boy. On command, Chase obediently unbuckled the winning bidder’s pants, sliding them off his waist. He unbuttoned the older man’s shirt and the two of them kissed, letting their tongues wrestle for a moment. Master St. Michael then got behind his purchase and dove into the boy’s hungry hole with his masterful tongue. After a deep tongue-fuck and some fingering, the hairy man stood up, and pointed his own rock-hard, curved cock at Chase’s hole. He popped the head in first, with the rest of the shaft going into the willing boy’s chute with ease. The Master pounded the boy, getting him to moan in ecstasy. After some time at the perfect rhythm, Master St. Michael could feel his own balls tighten a bit. He made the boy get on his back, then the successful buyer slid back into his prize’s hole, and let the boy know with just a stern gaze that he wanted their eyes locked as he unloaded inside. The man began to groan and grunt as he reached the hilt and spilled inside the hole he just bought and paid for. Chase, too, covered himself in his own seed. Master St. Michael scooped some of the boy’s cum off his stomach and had him taste it, which Chase did hungrily and without any protest. Master leaned in and kissed his new slaveboy; the bid was absolutely worth it.