Buyer breaks in his newly bought boy’s ass in a hotel room

The Boy Milo had just stepped off the auction sales floor after his first time being put up for bid. Master Reese had made excellent use of the young body—the product—during a lengthy demonstration to the bidding audience of wealthy older men. Boy Milo still had some butterflies in his tummy, but he was far more excited than nervous or anxious. After all, he’d just been purchased for the night by the devilishly handsome Master Stone. Master Stone had only just given him a bareback pounding that ended with the older hunk blowing his load all over Boy Milo’s tummy. The idea of this stranger simply paying for a chance to use his young body however the stranger wished turned the boy on a great deal, far more than he had expected it would. He had never put a price to his own body before. And now he would learn what that price meant. They returned to Master Stone’s estate, and his bedroom. Master Stone sat on the big king-sized bed. He was a towering, strong man with broad shoulders and a chest like a fortress: exuding confidence and authority in a white crisp-collared shirt, red tie, gray vest, and slacks. His face was etched with lines of experience. Milo was on all fours, still in his snug black jockstrap, his innocent eyes a striking shade that seemed to shine with an inner innocence. The older man beckoned for the young slave boy to crawl over to him. Boy Milo compiled and made his way over to Master Stone, crawling face-first into the man’s crotch like a puppy. The Slaveboy took a big whiff—Master Stone smelled amazing, like spice and steel, his scent as dominant and masculine as he was. Master Stone had Boy Milo stand up so The Master could get an even better look. The Boy was just as fragile and precious in the brighter light of his private quarters. The Boy quivered as the man let his hands roam all over his young bare skin, stopping at the ass. Boy Milo could feel the older man’s big fingers probe his little hole, making the Slaveboy shudder. The Master told Boy Milo to undress him, and again, the young one complied. Obedience came naturally to him. Boy Milo was only able to undo the man’s vest and tie before Master Stone returned to letting his hands grope and feel up the youngster. The new owner tweaked and licked his purchase’s nipples and noticed the boy’s cock had grown stiff and rigid. Master Stone pulled out Boy Milo’s hard little cock from the confines of the form-fitting jockstrap. He gave it a slight lick and a couple of strokes before putting it back in its cotton prison. He brought the boy back to his knees and gestured for him to continue undressing his buyer. Master Stone watched intently as Boy Milo did as he was instructed—impressed with the level of mindfulness the young boy possessed—and satisfied with his purchase thus far. With his Master’s chest and torso now exposed, Boy Milo tasted the man’s beefy body. Master Stone stood up, dropped his pants down, and showed his hard cock clearly visible through his snug white briefs. Boy Milo pulled them down, freeing the older man’s swollen meat. The boy wasted no time in swallowing the fleshy sword—such was his duty, such was his desire. Master Stone enjoyed the Boy’s mouth on his cock, but was far too hungry for just a blowjob. He ordered Boy Milo to the bed. His slave got on all fours, and Master Stone slid his cock into the boy’s ultra tight chute. The Boy Milo yelped a bit as the man’s huge shaft made its way inside. Soon though, the Boy was moaning in pleasure as Master Stone slowly built up to a steady pace of pumping in and out, in and out. Master Stone flipped Milo over onto his back; the small boy was easy to maneuver. He slid his rigid cock back in and gave The Boy Milo a proper pounding. The youngster pulled his own stiff rod back from out of his jockstrap and stroked it to the rhythm of Master Stone’s thrusts. Before the Boy even knew it was happening, he lost control and came all over his own Slaveboy stomach. This did not stop the freight train of Master Stone, who continued the powerful pumping. Master Stone didn’t seem upset though The Boy had blasted, in fact the powerful Master looked pleased at his own handiwork having such an impact on his new slave. Master Stone slipped his rod out of the boy and stroked it, blowing his own load all over The Boy, marking him as his Buyer’s property—not that there was ever any doubt who belonged to whom.