Auctioned boy gets used by two dirty old men

The Boy Cole had become one the business’s most lucrative products. The young, well-defined stud knows precisely what it takes to sell the goods. As Master Charger presents the boy to the bidders at the auction, Cole keeps an aloof expression on his face, but his eyes give away just how much he enjoys being on display for all the dominant, lusting, wealthy men ready to shell out the big bucks for his body. Master Charger is keen on ensuring Cole does not get lost in his own desires. He instructs the boy to keep his gaze forward. He rubs the boy down in oil as the bids begin pouring in. However, even as stern and seasoned a salesman as the man is, Master Charger finds it impossible not to get at least a few good gropes of his own in of the boy’s generous flank. This is a true testament to how much of a prize item Cole is; even as Master Charger presents him, he’s unable to resist the boy’s natural charms. Cole is rock hard, his hole puckering, and moans tremble out his lips as the salesman continue to present as their bids, which have easily reached beyond six figures. Master Charger exhibits just what the boy and his hole are able to endure with the aid of a clear dildo, and the demonstration causes a jump in the bidding up to $725,000. The winner of the prize is Master Dixon, a bearded, tattooed man whose towering, masculine form dwarfs Cole’s more slender frame. Dixon approaches his purchase and immediately tests the product, sliding his inked up fingers into the boy’s mouth. The boy’s cock jumps when Master Dixon tells Master Charger that he wants to watch the salesman fuck the boy. Master Charger sees this as an added bonus on top of the sale and acquiesces immediately to Dixon’s request. Master Dixon grabs a chair, sits, and observes as the salesman tongues Cole’s hole. He strokes his cock as he watches his new toy’s face contort in pleasure while Master Charger’s tongue dives deep into his crevice. Master Charger even takes a moment to swallow Cole’s own rigid cock, sucking each one of the boy’s balls. Master Charger stands and oils up his own engorged meat, ready to slide it into the boy’s hungry opening. Cole’s hole yields easily, hungrily to the man’s cock, especially as he sees his buyer, Master Dixon, stand up and approach him. Master Dixon plants a deep kiss on the boy’s mouth, practically swallowing him.. As the salesman begins to slide in and out of the boy, Master Dixon breaks the kiss, then gently guides the boy’s head to his cock to suck it. The boy is owned at both ends, and loves every second. Master Dixon takes the beautiful sight in, noticing the boy’s cock is just as swollen as his own and the one inside Cole, never deflating even once. The two men have the boy turn over, continuing to spit roast him in the new position. The pleasure overwhelms the boy and he asks if he can cum, a request to which both the men permit. Cole shoots his load, moaning pathetically as he does. This, in turn, sends the two men over the edge, with Master Dixon blowing his load in the boy’s mouth, while Master Charger pumps his load into the boy’s hole. The two men fill Cole up completely; another successful transaction has been made.