The boy Noah gets his smooth young body assessed by master Stone

One of our Masters picked up The Boy Noah off the streets on a cold winter night. The young one’s desperate need for warmth and human touch shone clearly in his eyes even in the darkness of night. Boy Noah had a natural innocence to him; his baby-ish face and submissive demeanor only added value to him as one of our Boys. He had a slim, smooth body and perfect round ass that could be played with for hours. But he had little experience being with men of our caliber, so for this diamond in the rough, we assigned one of our top Masters to introduce him to our world and groom him for what’s to come. Master Stone, being ex-military and one of our most stern groomers, was the clear choice for his introduction. Boy Noah, docile as he was, fell into a nervous spiral at even the sight of this Master. As soon as Master Stone began to touch the boy, it was clear that Boy Noah had never done anything like this before. He recoiled, ever so slightly, from his Master’s touch. This is what Master Stone is here to fix; he can bend Boy Noah to his will and have him up for auction, ready to please his next Buyer, in no time. Master Stone’s hand brushed over the boy’s nipple. It was like an on switch; Boy Noah let out all his nervous feelings in one moan of pleasure. He was learning. The more Master Stone rubbed his big rough hands over Boy Noah’s tender smooth body, the more excited the boy got. His nervous demeanor had already begun to shift into sweet submission. Master Stone commanded the boy to get on all fours as he began peeling off his clothes. Noah laid himself before his Master, and as soon Master Stone rubbed his hand over the boy’s smooth back, Boy Noah arched himself in anticipation of what was to come. Master Stone worked the young body like clay. He molded Boy Noah’s back into the perfect arch massaging the slim thighs and, finally, opened that beautiful hole for a closer look. Boy Noah spread himself wide for his Master to see, with balls hanging low while his boyhole was exposed to the open air, tight and ready to be entered. Boy Noah breathed heavily. Master Stone brought out oil to spread over the Boy’s hairless body. As soon as the drops hit the Boy’s body, much like his nipple, another switch flipped for the smooth slaveboy. His cock began to rise while Master Stone rubbed the oil over his young hairless chest and stomach. The beautiful, small body glowed in the light and his moans started to grow louder with each passing second. Boy Noah’s cock throbbed as Master Stone threw him back on all fours and started to play with the sweet sweet hole. Boy Noah moaned in disbelief that he could ever feel that good as Master Stone worked the boyhole with his tongue. He had never experienced such a feeling inside himself before, physically or mentally. Master Stone replaced his tongue with a glass toy. Pain and pleasure came to Noah in simultaneous waves, but his yearning for his Master—and the things being done to him—never waned. Not even Master Stone could resist the way this Boy writhed for him. He started to undress himself before The Boy, exposing his well-defined muscles and hairy chest. He unbuckled his belt to expose his cock, which sprung out, wide, large, and hungry. As Master Stone inserted himself in Boy Noah, it was like a reawakening. The warm throbbing cock in The Boy’s wet, tight hole was a missing part of himself that Boy Noah had been searching for. His own cock twitched in response to each pump of his Master’s hips, sending them both into a haze of pleasure. Both of them moaned louder than before as Master Stone’s cock began sliding in and out of the tight hole. Boy Noah began to stroke his own cock, and it wasn’t long before he reached his climax, bursting cum all over his stomach, seemingly shooting his rounds in time with the thrusts of Master Stone’s cock. His moans began to calm as Master Stone backed his throbbing cock out of the boy’s hole, grabbing a towel, then throwing it to Boy Noah so he could clean himself up. Boy Noah was left there feeling incomplete again, wanting to keep pleasing his Master as his afterglow began to fade. Any signs of being nervous had faded and all he wanted to do now was to please… in other words, Stone had done his job, and done it well