Small auction boy jerked and cums in his own mouth

As much it’s hard let go of what was mine, seeing Austin on the auction platform is a special thrill. He’s so obedient, so well trained. He came to me pretty disciplined, but I like to think I gave him some extra structure as well. After all, I was his first and only master.

From the moment I won him and inseminated his tight, virgin hole, he was mine to mold and shape. And now, seeing him back on the block, I believe he’s an even more valuable prize for whoever should win him next.

With the crowd of men watching, I show off his best assets. With simply a snap of my fingers, he presents his fuck hole perfectly, showing its pristine, tight pucker. My big cock had definitely worked it hard, but it still retains its original purity. With his cute face and smooth body, no one would ever have think he was no longer a virgin if he didn’t disclose.

As I run my hands over his body, I see his cock grow harder in his tight jockstrap. He’s still responding to my touch, aroused and ready to be used and fucked. Of course he knows what he’s now meant to do. He’ll please me, yes, but his job now is give me the best return on my investment. I’ve put many nights, many hours into Austin. And now, I’m going to get the best payout.

The dark room is a buzz with murmurs and chatter as other men see my possession on display. I take his cock in my hand, squeezing it, teasing it, even firmly tapping his balls, showing just how much he can take. I see the bids come in faster, pleased with his durability. This gives me another idea.

I snap my fingers and Austin kneels in front of me. I open his mouth. His bottom lip hangs still in the air, soft and supple. It’s hard to not kiss it… maybe bite it. But I want to show them just how far he’d come under my ownership.

Pressing a finger on his tongue, I look in his eye, and pressing down slowly. I don’t have to say anything. He obediently keeps his mouth open and his face still as my long digit creeps to the back of his throat. As I continue, I see his eyes tear up, holding back his strain and discomfort. But through that, he showed stillness.

He didn’t cough or choke or gag. He took me deep into him and didn’t fight or struggle. This wasn’t true when I first got him, and I know this will command a good price. Men would love the opportunity to shove their fat cocks into this slave’s mouth, knowing they can use it and fuck it at their pleasure.

I pull my fingers out. I snap my fingers again. Austin puts himself on his back, spreading his legs, lifting his ass up for my view. I reach down to prepare him for the main exhibition. With a bottle of lube in my hand, I pump out some liquid onto his hole. It looks so beautiful, glistening and reactive to the wet substance dripping around it.

His hole puckers and pulses, seemingly involuntarily, eager to take what’s coming to it. I pull a glass probe from the side, warming it in my hand, watching Austin’s eyes widen. He loves nothing more than being used and dominated, and here he is, quivering and ready to feel his hole used for an audience.

As the glass toy presses against his hole, I circle his sphincter, watching his hard cock hang down toward his face. Its tip shines as some precum makes its way out. He’s excited, horny, and ready. Still, he obediently waits, legs spread, hole relaxed. He’ll wait there for as long as I want, do what I want, and take whatever I give. And now, a whole room full of bidders see this. And they’re eager to have him for themselves…