Playing with gorgeous boy’s smooth tight asshole

Jay came to me with a look in his eyes that I’d seen many times before. I find that boys of his upbringing and experience are raised to follow a leader; a coach, a teacher, a mentor, an instructor. Sports, lessons, education… All of it training them to listen and obey. As they mature and head into the world, they lack that firm, guiding hand to show them what to do. He was hungry for it! And in that hunger, they can be molded.

The first step requires stripping them down. Jay came in with his torn jeans and hooded sweatshirt — symbols of defiance and rebellion. These were the first to go… And in doing so, I was delighted to see just what a specimen he was!

A firm, muscular, torso, well defined and worked out. He was not big like the boys who spend their days and nights in the gym, but rather lean and toned like a swimmer. His skin was smooth and soft, untarnished from overexposure to the elements. His vascular arms showed a vitality that was beyond appealing, pulsing as his heart beat and during my examination.

I held his mouth closed, pressing my ring to his lips; feeling him moan into my palm as I teased his nipples, played with this stomach, and navigated my hands down into his pants. Such a beautiful boy! I had a mind to keep him for myself… To play with him and breed him right there, but I knew that he had to be bought. Such a prize had to be won.

Once I took off his jeans, I was able to inspect his hole. The lean twink had a beautiful pucker that was nested between his two tiny cheeks. His hips were no wider than my waist, practically a twig compared to my size and power! I knew many would love him just for that — knowing that they could physically overpower him as well as mentally dominate him. But the most perfect thing about him had to be his delicate boy balls…

As I worked his anus, feeling its texture and temperament, I saw his testicles hang down from behind. They practically whispered to me, begging to be clutched and contained. I tugged on them gently, pulling them back away from his body, feeling the tension build as they tightened in my grip. They were very warm, like a show dog in heat. With every tug and tease, Jay let out the sweetest sounding moans of pain and pleasure. He was sure to fetch a good price, but only after I thoroughly groomed him in preparation for what was to come…