Noah gets tag teamed in his ass and mouth by two silver daddies

The Boy Noah was scared, nervous, and shivering during his most recent grooming by Master Stone. He had, after all, just been plucked off the street in the dead of winter. As nervous and jittery as he was, though, the boy’s moans from Master Stone sliding a glass toy into Boy Noah’s tight, hungry hole, coupled with his extremely stiff boy cock, easily marked him as a valuable asset. The Boy Noah’s innocent face couldn’t hide his inner desire to serve, especially once Master Stone slid his own stiff member in. Everyone in the auction house could hear the boy’s moans rise to extreme volumes, which crescendoed with Master Stone’s own orgasm. It was this performance that quickly led to Master Stone’s belief that The Boy should go out onto the auction floor as soon as possible. As Master Stone brought the boy—clad in nothing but a black bowtie and jockstrap—it was clear there were still quite a few nerves he needed to work out. But, little does he know that it’s this particular kind of youthful innocence that would be his selling point. Boy Noah was quick to follow all of Master Stone’s non-verbal commands, entranced by the domineering presence of the man. The bids came pouring in immediately. Master Stone told the twink to get up on the platform and then began showing The Boy off to the bidders, causing the price to go from five to six figures in a matter of minutes. Boy Noah winced and recoiled as Master Stone let his oiled-up hand run over The Boy’s chest and sensitive nipples. Master Stone had him get on all fours and presented the bidders with a view of the tiny puckering boy hole. Master Stone slides his large middle finger into The Boy, causing him to moan in pleasure. The bids come to an end, with frequent customer Master Marko winning. Master Marko is a handsome man, whose thick body carried with it a commanding presence with perhaps, though there was a certain approachability to his smiling eyes. With that same warm grin, he grabbed Boy Noah and brought him in for a kiss. The Slaveboy acquiesced, letting the man slip his tongue into his young mouth and taste him. Master Stone watched. Master Marko had Boy Noah return to his position on all fours and dove face first between the cheeks, letting his tongue dart into that tender hole. He rubbed his beard all over The Boy’s supple ass. Master Stone continued to oil The Boy up. Master Marko undressed, releasing his hard cock from the confines of his pants. The Boy Noah was turned around, spun like a toy in whatever direction his Masters needed to position him. He swallowed Master Marko’s fat, rigid cock as Master Stone undressed behind him. Despite his eagerness to serve, The Boy could barely fit it all into his mouth. Well, if one end can’t do it, Master Marko will simply use the other. He commanded the boy to turn back around so he could stick it inside Boy Noah’s tight, hungry little hole. The head went in with some resistance, squeezing pathetic moans out. The rest of the shaft slid in slowly. As Master Marko began to pump in and out of The Boy, Master Stone shoved his own cock into Boy Noah’s to pacify him. Master Marko soon found a steady pace sliding in and out of The Boy Noah. He turned him around like a roast, flipping him on his back and sliding back in. Master Stone kissed The Boy deeply as if to tell Noah what a great job he’s doing. The sensory overload was too much for Master Marko at that point—he howled as his balls tightened and blew his load into the boy’s guts. It was another great test-drive of a purchase.