Master Legrand and the Pleasures of His Slaveboy: A Tale of Forbidden Desires

The eight-hour journey via Lear jet from NYC to Spain felt like eight days to Master Legrand. His desire to finally receive the rare merchandise waiting there was all he could think about. He had cashed in several lucrative stocks and bonds just to obtain this top prize. The highly-regarded buyer had earned quite the reputation among not only the American leg of the Buyer’s Club, but internationally, as well. He had recently received an unexpected invitation to attend and participate in the Spanish branch’s Auction ceremony. The invitation came from a buyer named Master Andrii. Two evenings ago, Master Legrand attended the auction held in the city of Basque via Zoom. When the Slaveboy on Auction had casually appeared on the computer screen—thick, dark hair, dark eyes, and perfectly smooth olive-toned skin—Master Legrand nearly fell off his chair. The Boy Bastian. Right away, there was something about him. Yes, he was perfect. Yes, he was meek, supple, and intrinsically subservient. But there was something else… Master Legrand was determined to have The Boy. The auction was intense; the bids were astronomical. The American businessman was enormously wealthy, and yet he had, at one point, begun to lose hope he could swing the finances to acquire the hotly contested Boy Bastian. And now, two days later, riding in the backseat of a limo, he was texting Master Andrii who currently had possession of his successful purchase. When Master Legrand arrived at the breathtaking countryside villa in the heart of the ancient land of Basque, he knew right away that his financial investment was going to be worth every penny. Before taking off from NYC he glanced one last time at the photo set of Boy Bastian that Master Andrii had generously shared. Master Andrii opened the door of the villa within seconds of Master Legrand’s arrival. He bowed respectfully and offered a polite smile as he led Master Legrand inside and down the glittering hallway to the recreation room. Master Legrand had barely time to soak in the luxurious, decadent surroundings when along came the precious merchandise delivered so deftly by Master Andrii. He nodded subtly in the direction of the towering American client, said something in brisk, authoritative Spanish to the Slaveboy, and then quietly excused himself and shut the door behind him. Boy Bastian’s head was bowed, but his dark, piercing eyes locked onto Master Legrand immediately. The momentary, intense pause that occurred took the well-kept American by surprise. He normally gave his new purchases no leeway. They would typically either crawl to him or shiver uncontrollably on their knees, awaiting the Master’s first commands. Master Legrand took a moment to examine his thoughts and feelings. But only for a moment. He straightened up finally and beckoned the Slaveboy over to him. He made a quick, silent inventory of the incredibly handsome prize—Boy Bastian was dressed in simple attire, yet he might have been the most beautiful Slaveboy of all. The gentleman buyer had to admit that his tastes and primal predilections had changed and evolved over the years. He found himself increasingly delighted by a Slaveboy that appeared before him fully clothed, yet barefoot. While Boy Bastian waited unflinchingly for the next instruction, Legrand looked him over—head to foot—and commanded him to remove his shoes immediately. Once the Boy’s footwear was kicked off, Master Legrand took a long, deep breath. Boy Bastian’s feet and toes were immaculate: quite possibly the most exquisitely shaped and groomed he’d ever laid eyes on. He silently imagined himself suckling upon those delicious toes of the Slaveboy. The hungry beast inside the towering Master began to rumble… Master Legrand’s gaze roamed upwards and then stopped at Boy Bastian’s perfect, round glutes. He placed one giant hand on the entirety of the young ass and squeezed. Boy Bastian emitted a small sigh and Master seemed to like that. Then suddenly, with an air of subtle nonchalance, Boy Bastian dared to carefully stroke the footlong bulge pressing against Master Legrand’s dress pants. Normally, this uninvited act would result in a swift and stern reprimand; depending on the carelessness of a slave, it might even cause the Master to slap his hand away and inflict a harsh spanking. However, Master Legrand was in such lust with Boy Bastian that it was allowed. Not that his strict control over a Slaveboy had faded; it was just that something about this special merchandise and the exotic surroundings that subtly cast a faint spell. This phenomenon struck the Master in ways he did not expect. Master Legrand carefully traced his long, elegant fingers across the pulsing erection that laid beneath Boy Bastian’s skimpy silk underwear. When he teased and caressed the young Spaniard’s sizable lump, the helpless slave couldn’t help but emit short, sharp moans in response. Finally, the Master pulled Boy Bastian’s underwear down. The beautiful, uncut present that sprang forth was stiff as a board and bobbed up and down while the Master kissed The Boy’s neck over and over. A low, deep rumble emitted from Master Legrand as he groped The Boy’s well-defined chest, shoulders, biceps, and iron-hard, sculpted abs. The tantalized Master whispered seductively in Boy Bastian’s ear his belief that the sex servant was quite the prize. In Master Legrand’s opinion, Boy Bastian was quite possibly the pinnacle of any gentleman Buyer’s wildest fantasy. Every sigh, subtle glance, and careful movement was surely enough to cause a man to forfeit his entire fortune for even one night with this remarkable merchandise. Soon, Boy Bastian was on his knees. As the warm sunlight bathed upon Master and Slave, The Boy administered exquisite oral pleasures. Master Legrand ran his giant hands adoringly through The Boy’s thick, dark hair as the Slaveboy used his luscious lips and sweet, wet tongue along his Master’s enormous, pulsating girth. Not once did the boy gag or even show fatigue in any form. It was if it was Boy Bastian’s calling in life to pleasure this man to the ultimate climax possible. And yet, right before Master Legrand was about to blast his seed into the sweet Slaveboy’s mouth, he pulled out and brought Boy Bastian back to his feet. Master Legrand slapped his giant DILF cock against The Boy’s pretty face, leaving a copious amount of pre-cum all over the lips, face, and forehead. Boy Bastian licked the daddy juice off of Master Legrand’s fingers like a good Boy. He seemed to genuinely delight in the taste and the sensuously sleazy attention. Suddenly, Master Legrand hoisted Boy Bastian up off the carpet and placed him onto his back against one of the giant, bay windows of the Recreation Room. The dazzling view of the lush, green countryside and the dazzling moans of the exquisite merchandise as Master Legrand pushed his footlong cock deep inside of Boy Bastian was all by itself worth the journey. Boy Bastian begged for his Master to fuck him. The Slaveboy’s sudden, intense need enticed Master Legrand to thrust and thrust deep. Boy Bastian’s uncut, hard-as-oak twink cock slapped up against his own rock-hard abs and precum oozed from it—causing Master Legrand to grip the Boy’s rod and squeeze as much precious liquid out of it for his pleasure. When the majestic, long-awaited, simultaneous climaxes exploded from Master and Boy, the room shook. Master Legrand held himself up against the diamond glass of the bay window and his breath came in mighty gulps of air. Boy Bastian gazed up at the heaving giant American as cumshot after cumshot filled him to capacity. This was merely the beginning of what surely was going to be an unforgettable experience for both Boy Bastian and this sensational Buyer. Master Legrand licked his chops and then kissed the Slave hard on the mouth. Eventually, his monster cock slid out of Boy Bastian’s well-fucked hole.