Master Cox won the auction for Slave boy Austin’s tight ass

The Boy Austin is prepped and ready to go back on the auction block. The slave boy has been here many times before, so the feelings he gets as he climbs up wearing only his black jockstrap are familiar. He’s going to have a new master soon, and that brings up both anxiety and anticipation. Excitement with a little reservation. But more than anything, he’s ready to serve and fulfill his duties to his owner. The auctioneer starts the bidding. The pace is slow at first, but as the auctioneer begins demonstrating all of Austin’s assets and talents, the numbers start flying by. A hand goes under the jockstrap and Boy Austin’s dick jumps despite himself. He knows deep down that the master-to-come will want to see everything before making a bidding decision. The auctioneer caresses Austin’s body from behind, gliding his manly fingers up and down Austin’s six-pack. Grazing the nipples gives Austin a surge of sexual energy and his boy-dick inflates even more! He moans with each touch, and the bids go up with each gasp and sigh. But the Buyers will want to see more. The auctioneer turns Austin around showing off his delicious boyhole. He starts playing with it, showing how ready Boy Austin is for whatever his new Master’s desires might be. The group must like what they’re seeing because the numbers go up and up. Boy Austin and his hole are the main prize of the auction! Boy Austin is getting closer and closer to cumming when the Auctioneer takes his hands off Austin’s delicate-looking body abruptly. Bidding has closed and the new Master steps forward, ready to claim what’s his. He puts on the ring of ownership that shows he won the bidding and Austin is now completely his. The lucky man is Master Cox. Austin remembers him from the appraisal group gathering. Even though other Masters were going for a “test drive,” Master Cox hung back, observing all that the slave boy was capable of. Austin must have pleased the hot daddy buyer because now he owns Austin and gets all the pleasures that come from that! Master Cox reaches out to brush his hands over Austin’s body and Austin lets out a mousey squeak. The nerves have started kicking in, but Austin has enough slave boy experience to know he’s got to get them under control. His only purpose now is to please his Master. And when his new owner whispers mid-caress “you’re mine,” all Austin can do is weakly respond, “yes, Sir.” Master Cox takes his new property to the bedroom and orders the nearly-naked slave boy to take off his expensive clothes. Austin senses that this Master really gets off on ordering him around. The power dynamic is exquisite to Master Cox and his libido, so much so that the slave boy can see his Master’s rock-hard cock through the cloth of the designer trousers. Austin remembers it now; Master Cox had it out at the Appraisal and the outline gives away just how big it is. Slave-boys do as their Masters please and Austin knows his place. He sits at attention waiting for his next command. “And now, my cock.” With a quick unzip, the daddy’s monster cock is loose. Master Cox smiles. He has plans for this sexy slave boy that even Austin wasn’t anticipating!