Master Adrii’s Insatiable Appetite: A Tale of Dominance and Submission

The Parisian branch of the Gentleman Buyers Club is world-renowned among the high class. It offers some of the most fervently sought after Slaveboys on the planet, largely because the city of Paris is filled to the brim with young men and twinks who will do almost anything to earn money. The European GBC has a waiting-list full of wealthy and powerful men, all hoping for a spot to open up for membership. Lucky for Master Adrii, his evening at the prestigious Slaveboy Auction in the secret underground passages at the Louvre went exceedingly well. Master Adrii had heard rumors about a very passive, yet promiscuous bottom named The Boy Bastian from some of the other Buyers. Technically, Boy Bastian came advertised as a “vers/bottom.” However, several of the twink’s previous owners had postulated that although it was nice to have a versatile sex slave in your back pocket who can fuck in a pinch, Boy Bastian’s popularity was heavily attributed to his impressively insatiable stamina, resilience, and grit as a tireless bottom. Master Adrii took the well-paid-for merchandise back to his place in the heart of downtown Paris. On the drive over Boy Bastian didn’t say much, but that was mainly due to the fact that his mouth and throat were full of the long, hard dick of the hot, always horny sex dominator. The constantly-erect playboy loved road-head and Boy Bastian was top notch. Once at the Master’s pad, the young Slaveboy had barely time to sit on the couch and get his bearings when Master Adrii snapped his fingers to get the twink’s full attention. The Boy’s enduring, careful silence piqued the Master’s curiosity: was this fine specimen ready? Boy Bastian offered a nod and licked his lips. Master Adrii commanded Boy Bastian to remove his own clothing. The corner of the Boy’s mouth curled up in response, and while he kicked off his shoes, Master Adrii groped his passive purchase and rubbed himself down as he watched. Boy Bastian had heard rumors from other Slaveboys that Master Adrii was a bit of a freak and a wildman. They said Master Adrii had a dick that never went soft and his appetite for submissive bottoms was unmatched. He had also heard that the Master’s lasting power went well beyond even the most incessant of top dominators. Master Adrii wanted to truly and completely possess Boy Bastian. Something about the enigmatic slave’s perfect athletic build made the gentleman red-hot. Tonight, the slaveboy was the Gentleman Buyer’s to own and do with as he pleased. He commanded Boy Bastian to drop to his knees, pull his Buyer’s dick out and start licking up every morsel of sweet daddy Master precum. The good slave did so immediately, and with vigor. Master Adrii appreciated this silent act of enthusiasm, but this was not his ultimate plan. No sir, Master Adrii was not about to just get a blowjob. He was going to face-fuck until he was good and ready to stop. Master Adrii thrust his engorged member with wild abandon, and as he did so, Boy Bastian took it in his mouth with proper submission. Undoubtedly this was merchandise worth every Euro. On top of that, The Boy’s endurance was everything that Master Adrii could have hoped for. Usually a Slave’s jaw would soon get overworked and, sometimes, they would whimper and pathetic tears might form in their eyes. No such weakness appeared from Boy Bastian. The more Master Adrii slammed his dick down the Slaveboy’s throat, the more The Boy seemed to want it. This brilliant submission made the raunchy Master’s engorged cock swell to even greater length and girth. He nearly expelled a load into the twink’s belly, but pulled out just in time, staying right on the edge. Master Adrii decided that such a subservient and docile slave needed to get ass-rammed straight away. No lube, spit, nor warning was required. One fiery glance down upon Boy Bastian was enough for The Boy to figure out that he’d better hurry up and get his ass up in the air—Master Andrii had a reputation for using his leather belt on those who misbehave. Once the gentleman Buyer had Boy Bastian’s tender hole expanded to capacity, he rode his Slaveboy for all he was worth. Hours went by and the mesmerized top just kept going. From time to time, Master Adrii paused long enough to command the Slaveboy to switch into a different position, taking care not to slow down the pace. Towards the end of the fuck session, the Master found himself starving from all the ass-pounding he was delivering. He decided that a nice, hot serving of Slaveboy juice was the only thing to satisfy his hunger. It was the only reason, after all, that Boy Bastian was allowed to cum. Otherwise, an experienced slave like Boy Bastian knew to hold back until permission was granted or there could be big trouble. So with one last mind-ringing thrust, Master Adrii drilled Boy Bastian’s sweet spot—so deep, in fact, that The Boy nearly lost consciousness. Instead, he tugged and twisted his wrist around his boypecker. This resulted in a massive, gushing spray all over Boy Bastian’s hard chest and abs. Soon after, like the wolf that he was, Master Adrii lapped up all the Slaveboy semen and loudly, obscenely licked his chops while sneering at the boy that their time together had elapsed. “Please collect your shit and leave,” he said. Boy Bastian’s cock remained rock-solid at this sudden turn of remarkably cold disdain from his Master. The Slaveboy kept his eyes down, but still, there was something about obeying the command that kept the parts of him that mattered the most well up.