Hot caged boy for sale takes big finger in his ass

Cole was certainly a welcome sight! His blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and milky white skin were presented so perfectly. He had the look of a good, wholesome, clean-cut boy from any small town. But as his nipples were twisted and his face contorted, it was clear he was no novice to the auction block’s demands…

Seeing his body writhe and his eyes wince, I found myself popping an erection right there in my chair. I was so distracted from his reactions that I almost forgot to indicate my bid! With each inch of swelling I felt in my pants, the more I put myself out there. As I felt my cock throb at maximum, I got relief in the form of a bidding win!

But as good as it felt to have this boy claimed, I didn’t want to rush the moment. Taking him, owning him, and breeding him would all come in time, but I didn’t want to lose that excitement. Cole was special. Truly special. And I wanted to savor his obedience and service.

The moment I got him alone, I caged him up, keeping him locked up and secure. Seeing him through the bars, I could see his eyes hungry to be used. It was so beautiful! He wanted me. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. But instead of acting on it, I left him alone and went about my day.

Running errands, taking calls, having meals, all the while remembering that Cole was there, in the cage, waiting for me. All he wanted was to be let out, knowing that doing so would give him access to my cock. The idea was enough to keep me aroused throughout the day, leading up to the moment when I returned.

When I came back, Cole looked up at me like a hungry puppy. His eyes sparkled brightly and his lips parted ever so slightly. Letting him out, I could see he needed to touch me. I was a bit tired from the day, but also knew the purpose of my slave. I instructed him to take off my clothes, watching as he lit up and began to remove each item.

When it came time for him to remove my pants, his eyes locked on to my crotch, watching as my bulge revealed itself to him. His face was no more than a few inches away, practically able to smell the musk from my nuts as they hung in my underwear. It clearly went to the boy’s head as he licked his lips, swallowing the saliva that pooled in his mouth…