Hairy master Robles enjoys his new prize Austin’s tight hole

I’m a busy man. I can’t always spend time wining and dining when I simply want to cum. When you’re as rich and powerful as I am, jerking off is out of the question and guys on hookup apps get too attached. They see the luxury of my lifestyle and dream of becoming the Pretty Woman to my Richard Gere. Younger guys can be a little foolish in that way, and I can’t say I blame them. But that’s not my problem. I’m the boss. I’m in charge. I get what I want, I take what I want, and that’s that. Part of the joy of owning a slave is that I don’t have to consider anything else except my own needs. Of course, I’m not a monster. I would never hurt anyone or be violent. I just want the simple satisfaction that comes from only worrying about myself. My needs. My time. My pleasure. That’s what makes Austin such a good investment. He’s young, lean, smooth, and has an ass that is truly special. His small size and boyish face make him a dream submissive. I can toss him around, pick him up, fuck him any way I like… When I got him alone that first time I wasted no time getting myself inside him. I had him take off my clothes and present his hole to me while I lubed up my cock for penetration. No foreplay, no talking, no need to warm him up or even wait for him to say when. I just bent him over all on fours, slid myself into his ass, and began fucking him like he was just a toy. In many ways, he is. He’s an object I own, something to play with, to use, to entertain myself with. Even when I was grinding into his guts, feeling his insides buckle and struggle to take me, I knew I didn’t have to stop or slow down. That’s not what I paid for. That’s not what he’s for. He’s for me to use as I see fit… and I sure used him well. Even when I decided to lie on my back and let him ride me, I was still in charge. It was still all for my pleasure. I could tell he was getting worn out and tired, exhausted from the physical toil my fucking did to him. Maybe if I had let him suck my cock or if I’d rimmed his ass he’d been longer lasting, but I chose not to. Still, even with this, he did not slow down the pace. He fucked himself just as hard on my cock as I did with him on all fours. I couldn’t help but smile. Such a good boy. It didn’t take long before I felt my balls tensing up. I was getting close to cumming, but I wanted to hold out a little bit longer. I was pleased and ready to blow, but I wanted Austin to take it a little bit more. He was doing such a good job punishing himself on my cock, I wanted to really exhaust him. This was my first time fucking him as his owner… as his master. I wanted him to remember just how it feels to be filled by me. To be dominated. To be mine. Austin’s hole was so tight on my cock, he practically milked me of my load. I clenched my ass and felt the jets of searing hot, white jizz flood his hole. I let out a moan of absolute pleasure while Austin let out a whimper. Clearly I’d fucked him up right that he could feel my burst even inside. Good. That’s how I want it to be. As he caught his breath, sensing my climax, he slowed down, feeling the slick wetness of my load coating my cock. He wouldn’t dismount until I told him to. He stayed perched on my cock until I was done. I wanted to see if he would stay like that all night, but I decided to be nice this time. After all… I got what I wanted. I always do