Austins first official ay as Master Legrand’s slave boy has him sucking and taking big dick

It can be tricky to separate yourself from feeling humanity for your property. Seeing a sweet set of eyes, an adorable face, and a small, tight body can almost make you forget that your slave isn’t a person. At least, not in the way we think of people… Austin does make me very happy and I care for him deeply, but it would be irresponsible for me to confuse those feelings. He is my property, bought and paid for! I own him and he is mine. And while soft, sweet sex is nice, I need to remind him — and myself — what our relationship is. To this end, there are certain rules. One, when we’re eating, I eat first. He serves me, watches me eat, and takes my plate away. After this, he’s then allowed to be fed. He cannot speak unless I speak to him first. Even then, I explicitly have to ask for a response. The most helpful rule has to be our sleeping arrangements. I have my bed, warm and big. But Austin? I’ve been provided a cage for him to sleep inside of… It’s big enough for him to be comfortable, but it’s kept in a separate room, locked each night with a key that only I have access to. This sets the tone of our relationship and makes his standing abundantly clear. He begins every day with the sound of my key and ends every day in the security of my control. Last night I locked him up as usual, guiding him into the secure room. I felt horny, so I decided to use his body one more time before I turned in. Being that he’s mine, he has to do what I say. No objections… He took off my clothes as he worshipped my cock, looking up at me the whole time. Something about the way he looks at me, I can tell he’s not just obeying. He fears me and respects me. He sees me as his superior and master. He would do anything for me, and gladly wants to! As he had his mouth on my cock, I could feel it growing bigger inside his throat, pushing the walls further apart to make room for my manhood. He obediently held me in place, fighting against his watering eyes to continue to service me. Beside his cage is a bed of my own. I never sleep in it… It’s not for that purpose. It’s where I do my real work as a master and owner. I laid Austin down as easily as if he was a pillow. His small, delicate body seems to have no weight at all. With him on his back, legs up, I penetrated him deeply and forcefully. As my personal sex toy, he took me without complaint. Based on the sounds he made, it seemed like it hurt him a little. Maybe I was rough, but still, he laid there and continued to take me as I pushed deeper and deeper. Even in moments of discomfort, he didn’t fight. Didn’t resist. Which only made me even harder! As I said, it can be tricky to separate yourself from feeling humanity for your property. Austin feels pleasure, he even feels pain, but the purpose of this room — this kind of fuck — is to put that all aside. He’s mine. I own him. And I am entitled to use him as I see fit. No matter how rough or how hard… Nothing gives me a good night’s sleep better than the full and complete pouring of my seed into his hole. And with a mouth on his mouth and my cock in his whole, I’m sure to sleep soundly