Austin settles into his slave life with new Master Armstrong enjoying daddy’s big dick

Seeing Austin in his cage was a unique thrill for me. Probably more for me than any other owner could have. I had watched this boy grow into the young man he is now. And even though he’s still small for his age, seeing him in there reminded me of how tiny he used to be. The sweet boy I’d tuck into bed and calm from nightmares, now locked up from his little cage like an untrained puppy… It was a heady experience walking up to him, torn in so many directions of how to feel and what to do. My heart swelled seeing my boy so protected and safe, but my cock became harder than I would have expected. Something about seeing little Austin as my slave, my property and possession, made me go far beyond horny and into more devious territory! I took him out of his cage, giving him the chance to stretch his legs before instructing him to remove my clothes. He’d gotten used to this by now; taking off my pants and shirt and seeing my body fully exposed. It was awkward for him at first, but I could tell he wanted it. His cock swelled up as he gazed upon the bulge in my white briefs, fully aware of the daddy dick that it held. He could probably even smell it, the thought of which only aroused me even more. Pulling out my cock, Austin gave it a look of amazement before dutifully taking it in his mouth. It was large enough, to be sure, smooth and hard except for the pulsing veins that ran up and down its length. But for Austin, it wasn’t simply just a man’s cock! It wasn’t even just his master’s cock. This was his old man’s throbbing, life-giving member, weighed down by heavy nuts full of seed! He knew the significance of this, and it made him revere me more like a god than a man. Seeing him struggle to take it all made me feel bigger than I’d ever felt. Stronger and more powerful. There’s no one on earth who could make me feel the way Austin does. And here, in this private room, just between him and myself, he gave me worship unlike anything I could have hoped for… As I laid back on the bed, just feet from the cage I had taken him out of, Austin climbed up on top of me, stradling my body with his lean, tiny legs. His sheathed cock grazed over mine as he got into his position, stopping when his smooth cheeks and hole met my shaft. I could feel him getting warmer, his body trembling and his heart racing. He knew what was coming and he knew he had to go through with it. After all, father knows best