Amazing boy ass play from master Legrand

Logan trembled as I led him into the preparatory room. My hand pressed softly against his back, guiding him forward, keenly able to sense his shaking body and quick beating heart. His eyes were wide, looking for a sign of what was to come as we moved through the dark. I kept my face expressionless, wanting to see what he would do and how he’d react without prompting. But deep down, my own heart was racing, excited by the idea of getting him ready for his new destiny.

Once we were inside, I ran my hands under his clothes, feeling his firm chest and flat stomach. As my fingers ran over his sternum, his heart pounded like a drum, hard and fast. He was nervous. Very nervous. Even scared. But his wide eyes stayed forward and his body remained still.

This was essential for a proper submissive. The willingness to trust and comply, regardless of that animal instinct to flee. It makes for a loyal and committed servant. Not to mention it makes that first taste of flesh all the more thrilling.

As I bent him over, I felt around his hips and crotch. His narrow waist was cushioned by a beautiful, round ass. My teeth practically tingled, wanted to bite down on him. I knew I’d get there, but it wouldn’t do to rush into it. He needed to be trained. Groomed. Educated in the ways of the society and the expectations that would be placed on him. And quick fucks were rarely what the buyers were after.

I continued to survey his body. Removing his clothes, I stripped him of the last shreds of his old life. This gave me the unobstructed view necessary to see just what kind of a prize he’d be for the auction.

I was delighted to see how the muscles in his back tightened as his lifted his ass up for my inspection. He was lithe and strong like a gymnast or a dancer. Graceful and disciplined. Still, there was plenty he was not in control of. His nipples hardened as I touched them, causing him to stop breathing regularly. His breaths became short and shallow in response. He seemed to shudder and was weakened by this, aroused and surprised by the sensation.

But the real treat came when I bent him back over. His ass on full display, I watched how his ass stretched, filling my gaze with his beautiful cheeks. They were golden tan and smooth. His dewy skin made them appear like freshly ripened peaches. My teeth began to tingle again. I bet they’d be sweet.

With his ass directed up at me, I placed my hands on his young smooth buttocks, pressing my thumbs on either side of his sphincter, teasing his hole. I studied it carefully, watching as it clenched and relaxed in response to my provocations. My thumbs pressed it open, seeing it stretch and return back. It was smooth all over, primed and ready to be owned. And I knew that like other young boy’s similar in build to Logan, his little hole was likely to be able to take a lot.

I couldn’t resist seeing how it would redden. I gave it a few soft taps at first. One on each side. He whimpered so sweetly. Both sounds reverberated through the air so beautifully. The sound of my palm against his cheeks was symphonic. And effective. My cock was so hard against my pants, I thought it might break the seams and find its way free. I was leaking so much precum. I looked down at my handy work, the reddish color of my handprints on his gorgeous ass building beneath the surface. I knew I had to do more.

I gave him another smack. Harder this time. He let out another whimper as his body tensed, sending a surge from the back of his ass, down his spine, and to his mouth. The red was rosy and perfect, but it was even more exquisite to see Logan still and submitting.

Such a good boy. So trusting and eager to serve. I could see the tip of his cock hang between his legs, glistening with a drop of nectar. His boy juices were flowing, excited by what was happening. His eyes alternating between clenched and wide, and his heart raced. I could see his true self–his new self: The boy Logan, the newest initiate, and a perfect slave boy…