A trio of daddy masters appraise the value of slave boy Danny’s asshole

Buyers spend a lot on their slave boys, so it’s not surprising that they want to inspect the merchandise before the auction starts. Today it’s the Boy Danny who’s going up on the auction block and two potential masters have stepped forward to take advantage of early access to the sale. His owner, Master Wolf, has used him well and good and is eager to see how the smooth, boyish slave will fare back on the acution block. Master Charger is overseeing the appraisal today, aimed at giving Master Legrand an estimated value for his submissive property. He knows a cute smooth boy like Danny could fetch some hefty bids. Showing the boy off is a point of pride for Master Charger; the payoff for all the training and preparation that goes on in his personal, private time. Danny takes his place on the block so the masters can look him over. Cute face, check. Young, nubile body, check. Perfect, practiced hole, check. A smile reveals itself on Master Charger’s face; this boy is quite the prize! Master Legrand gently tweaks Danny’s perky nipples which send shockwaves through his young body. With Master Charger and Master Dixon rubbing him gently and sensually, he can’t help but let out a moan. Three hot daddies playing with him at the same time! Master Charger starts to take off his clothes. As the appraiser, it’s his job to demonstrate what the Boy Danny is capable to providing a master sexually. Shirtless, he leans in to take Danny’s excited cock out of the black jockstrap. The slave boy is hard as a rock, exactly how the Appraiser wants to show him off. Next, Master Charger bends down to take all of Danny’s erection into his mouth. Danny squeals involuntarily – it just feels so good. Master Dixon is taking mental notes about Danny’s performance. He may considering bidding on this responsive slave boy! Master Charger orders Danny up onto his knees and removes the rest of his clothes. Master Legrand reaches down to stroke Danny while Master Charger prepares to show Danny’s ultimate skill: the ability to take huge dicks up his ass! Danny’s hole opens wide and swallows up the Appraiser’s cock clean and whole. Not a whimper of protest. In fact, the Boy Danny’s face shows he’s in heaven with the hairy daddy pumping his hard, bare cock in his well-trained hole! Master Dixon appreciates the show, but he wants more of a hands-on test. He unzips to reveal his massive hard cock and, with Master Charger in the boy’s ass, Dixon slides his powerful, girthy fucktool right into Danny’s hot moaning mouth. It’s not every boy that can handle a dick the size of Master Dixon’s, but Danny is showing the skills that will fetch a high price at auction. The Boy Danny loves getting his face fucked, especially with Master Charger pounding his ass at the same time! This daddy spit roast fulfills one of Danny’s deepest desires… and all it cost him was total submission to be completely stuffed and fulfilled. WIth a hot daddy cock at both ends, the slave boy can’t help but hope that he’ll end up the property of one of them! With Master Legrand stroking Danny’s boy-dick, the others go to town! There’s isn’t a spot on the slave boy’s body that isn’t on fire with lust and desire! Master Charger loves his job trying out these young boys and getting them ready for the auction. This time, though, the Masters have asked to see how well Danny handles a full and proper breeding. What the Masters want, the Appraiser gives! He fucks Danny harder and harder, full long strokes that rub Danny’s prostate with every cycle. Boy Danny’s moans would be louder, except his mouth is still full of Master Dixon’s huge cock! Then everyone hears it. That catch in his voice that shows Master Charger is about to blow his load. He picks up the pace, grunting louder and louder. Danny’s not sure he can take much more of this, his own loins aching for relief! But this appraisal isn’t about the Boy’s pleasure. Master Charger will get what he wants!