A Night with Masters: My Experience with Master Snow and Master Legrand

I’ve been a dominant man for as long as I can remember. When I was in my teens, I was a bit of a bully. I realize now that it was a desire to have other boys cower in front of me that I didn’t fully understand. After I got older and discovered BDSM, I learned that there were healthier ways to experience those desires. It was all slightly unfulfilling, though. Most of the so-called submissives that I met were not actually interested in submitting to my desires. They had a fantasy narrative of submission in their heads that they expected me to play out. I hired some escorts and at least they were mostly serious about serving me, but we both knew that they were going through the motions for a few hours just to get my money. I wanted a real hot young man that I owned. Someone who would actually be my property, my fuck toy. Someone who lived for my needs, my desires, and the small gestures of approval that I was willing to offer. Those small gestures are important. A successful Master cannot be too self-absorbed and greedy. Boys are slaves and fuck toys, but they think and feel. Just like dogs and horses, they must be trained and used with an appropriate balance of punishment and rewards. A good Master inspires worship from his property. The deeper the worship, the better the service they will offer. When I discovered the Collective, and managed to get an invitation to join, it changed my life. Participation in the auctions is expensive… very expensive! But it’s worth every dime. The boys on the block are real slaves who take being bought and sold as seriously as the men who buy and sell them. Aside from access to the kinds of exceptional boys that I’ve always wanted to have, the collective offers other benefits, too. The men in the collective are very wealthy and very powerful. The social connections to be made are priceless—and potentially very profitable. I feel self conscious, though. I’m younger than a lot of the other men. Most of them are “self-made,” while I inherited my fortune. When Master Legrand invited me to dinner I was flattered and a little bit intimidated but I knew how important making a good impression was. The Master is one of the leaders in our small community and having his friendship was essential. He asked me to bring my slave Boy Cole with me to help his Boy Serg serve. Cole is amazing! My first real slaveboy. I bought him partly because he is stunning and partly because he is very experienced and I’m aware that I’m not. At least, not as experienced in owning a piece of property as magnificent as he is. Now that I have him, I’m positively drunk on the experience. I have to stay in control of myself. He might not respect me if he knew how absolutely helplessly smitten I am with him. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at Master Legrand’s house. Boy Cole was immediately directed away to undress and report to the kitchen where the staff was fixing the dinner he would help serve. I was taken to the living room where Master Legrand and his friend Master Snow waited. While Master Snow and I barely know each other, he has always been friendly and we have spoken several times at various events. His presence made me feel a little bit more relaxed. We had cocktails and began to chat. Master Legrand is far less imposing in person than he seems from afar. I was secretly relieved that both men seemed to already have a good impression of me and were eager to get acquainted. I was feeling much more comfortable by the time we were called into the dining room. The meal was very pleasant and, by the time it was over, I felt that the seeds of friendship had been planted. After dinner, it was a bit different. Master Legrand invited us back to his library for an after-dinner whiskey, which The Boys served us, of course. I had realized that some playtime might be part of the evening, but I wasn’t sure. It all happened rather suddenly. The boys brought the drinks in and, moments later, Master Legrand and Master Snow had pounced on Boy Serg. Boy Cole looked at me for direction. I wasn’t sure exactly where we fit in, so I motioned him over and started to make out with him. Of course, almost the instant my fingers touched his smooth skin and the hard young muscles underneath it, I was in my own world. Master Snow reached out to fondle Boy Cole. I think he was actually Snow’s Slaveboy at some point in the past. I didn’t mind at all but I was caught up in my own pleasure. After a little while Master Legrand, Master Snow, and Boy Serg left the room. Not that I cared at that point; my mind and my cock were focused on my wonderful, beautiful boy. I positioned Boy Cole on his knees on an armchair. He presented his ass to me and I dove into it like the best dessert on the planet. If there is such a thing as a perfect ass, my Boy has it, and I enjoy eating him out almost as much as fucking him. Almost. There is nothing like forcing my cock into the tight hole of a Slaveboy, especially if he’s mine. After a while, I moved him to the couch on onto his back, partly because I couldn’t fuck him as hard as I wanted to on the chair without turning it over, and partly because I like looking a Boy in the eye when I fuck him. I love seeing a Boy there with his legs spread open, giving me his body. I want him to know who is taking his ass and breeding his hole. I let Boy Cole beat himself off. Some people might think that I spoil him but he’s only allowed to cum while I’m fucking him and I love the feeling of his guts quivering around my cock when he shoots his load. Then it’s my turn.